About Me

My name is Deena Bassam, the president and principal designer of Deena Diamond Designs. I have offices in Dallas, Texas and the ever-growing Portland Metropolitan area where my family of jewelers and jewelry designers started their legacy. My father moved to America, leaving Lebanon in 1974 at 18, already traveling the world working as a jeweler. From the time I was 12, my mother has trained and developed my skills as jewelry designer and business owner. With a big dream, and even bigger heat, I graduated from PSU in 2017 and started my own business at the ripe age of 23! I’ve developed an online custom design process that allows anyone, from anywhere in the world to collaborate with me, and design their dream ring- celebrating a lifetime of love and happiness. Having designed over 1,000 custom rings for local clients, I dream to share my creations with the world. What is more special than being part of someone’s lifelong commitment, part of their journey and their expression of love. It’s something beautiful, genuine and lasts forever. With that, I hope that you find this process to be fun, easy and special.